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1600 Stretch

The 1600 Stretch.

An ideal awning where more projection is required, but width is limited.

Design Features.

Based on the award winning 1500 semi-cassette awning, the 1600 stretch gives you the strength and beauty of a thorough bred markilux awning, but with the capability of extending further than width would normally allow.

Technical Highlights.

The tiered arms of the 1600, allow the arms to cross over enabling large projections in a narrow awning.

Twin steel-link chain and direct coupling of the arm springs provide a safe extension of this awning even on very large projections.

The top cover has integrated brush for sweeping away debris as the awning is retracted.

85mm roller tube for added stiffness and minimal deflection.

Covers from the sunsilk/sunvas collection with snc self cleaning technology.