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1650 Awning

The 1650 Awning.

The 1650 Awning is designed around the 1600 awning with chain link arms, but with halogen spotlights integrated within the bottom bar.

Design Features.

Based on the award winning designs of the 1500 and the 1600, the 1650 awning remains an outstanding awning with the added spotlights can create a room outside that can be used into the night.

Technology highlights.

Extremely strong design can have widths up to 6.6m and a projection of up to 4m.

Halogen spotlights add an extra dimension to your awning, they are housed within the bootom bar and can be rotated to highlight a feature or provide subtle lighting to an outside extended living space.

Covers from the markilux sunvas/sunsik range with snc self cleaning properties.