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6000 Awning

The 6000 Awning.

The 6000 Awning is the top of the range awning from markilux.

Design Features.

The styling and design of this awning are unparalleled amongst the Markilux range. It is a truly beautiful awning that can combine shadeplus and halogen lights all into the same unit.

There is a choice of endcap designs to customise your awning.

Add the concertronic option to your awning and you can plug in your ipod. The awning uses technology which sends vibrations into the arms and cover which acts as a speaker.

Technical Highlights.

Fully cassetted Awning

Arms powered by bionic tendon and springs are sized to arm length for greater cover tension.

Integrated gutters in front profile for safe water drainage.

Integrated front profile lighting (optional) and shadeplus extendable valance system (optional), the only awning that can have both at the same time.

Manual options have spring assisted gearbox for ease of use.

Covers from the self cleaning snc  sunsilk/sunvas range.

Take a look at the 6000 video by clicking here