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Conservatory Awnings

Conservatory Awnings.

Conservatory awnings are the best way of keeping a conservatory cool. The sun's rays are stopped before hitting the glass, thus eliminating solar radiation inside. As well as being effective, they are very well built, being strong enough to withstand winds up to Beaufort Scale 5. They are all electrically operated and can be fully automated using sun/wind radio control.

The 8800 Conservatory Awning.

This awning is the new conservatory awning from Markilux. It has a beautifully designed cassette which houses and protects the cover and rails which sit permanently onto the conservatory roof .

Design Features.

Rounded cassette and angular rails a very stylish design and when extended the bottom bar sits perfectly with the side rails.

Technical Highlights.

Gas pistons housed in the rails keep the cover under perfect tension.

There is an option to have the awning made with zip technology, this means that when the awning is extended, the cover is held taught in the rails with a zip (no gap between the cover and the rail), it adds strength in areas which are more prone to wind.

The 8800 can cover areas in a single unit up to 6m or be coupled on larger areas.

Operation is always electric, hard wired or radio control.

Covers are from the Markilux range, although the perfotex covers are sometimes more suitable due to its water permeable nature.