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Pleated blinds

Pleated Blinds.

Pleated blinds offer a really versatile way of shading, they can be installed into beading on a window or door allowing the window sills to be completely clear. The design of Vs style pleated blinds lends itself to tilt and turn windows or folding doors, these blinds have a cord that runs through the blind and anchors off in each corner of the window or door giving the blind stability even when the windows are tilted.

We use the German Cosiflor system mostly in our installations, we like the styling and the developement that has gone into producing this system, they can be easily shaped for gable end windows and sometimes provide the only real practical solution for those really challenging shapes.

For conservatory sides there are options for perfect fit or intu pleated blinds.These require no drilling or screws, but clip into brackets that are inserted between the glazing bead and the glass.

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